about us

Welcome to Picoland!

Pico Paradise is a work presented in the form of short comics, which mainly revolves around the daily life of the characters as the main story line, and increases the fun of the story through their interaction.

At present, the roles of Pico Paradise include the leader of the park, the little attendants Tangyuan and Douhua, and other small partners will join in the future. We hope to bring joy to everyone and inject color into life through creation, so that people can discover the small beauty and small happiness in life.

Our creative philosophy is: there are joys and sufferings in life, and Pico Paradise expresses the dissatisfaction and helplessness in daily life through a relaxed and humorous form, and at the same time hopes to inspire people to discover the beauty and value in life.

Through creation, we hope to bring laughter and touch to the audience, let everyone cherish the people and things around them more, and learn to face the challenges of life with a more relaxed attitude.

Thank you for coming to Pico Park, we look forward to bringing you more joy and surprises!